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If you’re a blogger and/or you sell items online, you already know that the quality of your product images can make or break you! It’s very important to have well-lit and well-compositioned photos for an engaging display. For stunning product images, many photographers like to use a photo light box. These are sold commercially, but can sometimes be pretty pricey. Lucky for us DIY-ers, there are TONS of tutorials online to make your own photo light box for less than $20! I just made one last night and couldn’t wait to share my results with you : )

As you can see from the pictorial above, the steps are pretty simple!

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Step 1: Start by taping one side of the box closed with packing tape

Step 2: Cut off all four flaps of the box using the box cutters

Step 3: Using a one inch margin, mark a square on three sides of the box

Step 4: Following your guidelines, cut out a square on each of the three sides of the box using the box cutters

Step 5: Use scissors to cut out squares from the tissue paper that will cover the three cut-out openings on your box

Step 6: Cover the three cut-out sides with your three sheets of tissue paper. Secure with packaging tape on the outside of the box. (Note: You can adjust how much light is diffused by using more than one layer of tissue paper for each side) 

Step 7: Cut out a piece of poster paper where the width is slightly smaller than the width of the box. Insert poster paper into box so it is slightly curved. You don’t want any creases!

Now for the lighting!

I don’t have them pictured here, but I used 3 adjustable desk lamps that I purchased from Walmart to light each side of the box and also overhead. The idea is that the light will be diffused through the tissue panel sides on the boxes, creating a softbox effect. The coloring of the light is also important for your final images, so make sure you pay attention to the kinds of bulbs you are using for your desired effect. I personally love using natural daylight bulbs that help to achieve a really natural look.

That’s it!

Have fun creating your own photo light boxes and feel free to link your own projects in the comments section below 

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  1. Wow! I love this! I’m so not a DIY-er but I might be able to do this. I had no clue as to what this was when you posted the pic to IG LOL! Love the concept of Maeling Designs too. Awesome!!

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